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A common question among home owners to builders is “How much do you charge per square metre?”  

The answer to this can be anywhere between $1500 and $5000 per square meter or more. 

As a professional builder, we recommend looking at what you want to build and then speaking to us about what it will cost. 

Different types of projects have different associated costs which will affect the final square meter cost of your home. 

The size of your home is a common area where people can get caught out. 

For example, we get calls from people who have seen an ad online or in the newspaper which offers a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house which is 180 square meters for $198,000. They work out the square meter rate at $1100.  

When they’re looking at a small home or granny flat which is 70 square meters, they use the same calculation.

Multiply 70 by $1100 and the price is $77,000. Easy… 

Then comes the shock of being told that a true price indication to build their granny flat in Perth is more like $140,000. 

How can this be? That’s $2000 per square meter!  

Two main factors are in play here. Firstly, the price they saw for a 180m2 house for $198,000 is misleading. This price won’t include essential inclusions needed for every project such as site works, connections to utilities, painting and more. It’s for a bare bones structure which will need to be finished off and there will also be additional costs to get the build done. 

The other main factor is that open space costs less to build than bathrooms and kitchens. In a larger house design, you have more square meters of open space to offset the cost of the kitchen and bathroom. If you include a full size kitchen in your small home, (and who doesn’t want a nice kitchen?) this will push the square meter rate up. 

If you’re doing a renovation or addition to your existing home, the costs of demolition and working with your existing structure will push your square meter rate up as well. 

So, when you’re speaking with potential builders, the best approach is to explain what you’re planning and ask what it has cost to build something similar recently.  

If they have example designs on their website, this can help you to gauge what’s included and can help with your budgeting.  

When embarking on any building project, you want to make sure you’re getting real, honest advice based on what your project will really cost, rather than “starting prices”. 

Square meter rates will rarely give you a true cost indication for your project unless all of the contributing factors have been allowed for and included. 

At Swan River Constructions we’re here to provide you with the best solution to your needs and we do this by enquiring, listening and truly understanding your situation before sharing our knowledge and expertise to work with you towards a common goal. 

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